In order to plan a perfect holiday, it is necessary to have full and up-to-date information on the tourist offer and current conditions on the spot. The necessary services in this respect are provided by tourist information points located in the most important places along the course of the Augustow Canal.


The cultural offer of the Augustow Canal area is created by cultural institutions, whose scope of activity includes not only cultural programmes directed at the inhabitants of the area, but also information, animation and promotion activities directed at the growing number of tourists.


Local cuisine is based on traditional recipes and local ingredients. The gastronomic offer includes exquisite dishes of the hotel restaurants, regional dishes, as well as popular fast-food dishes.


The accommodation offer includes a wide and varied range of services. From “star” hotels in Augustów and Grodno, through guesthouses, inns, hostels and private flats to agro-tourism accommodation and camping sites..